OppSites is an economic development network, where cities and the investment community work together to unlock economic potential.

Cities and Municipalities

Investment Community

Cities Post underutilized Districts and Sites, and share local knowledge about what they want to see built.

Investors and developers Find underexposed real estate opportunities, and gain insight into markets primed for new investment.

Cities maximize economic development by sharing local knowledge and marketing their development priorities on a national scale. This exposure helps cities attract investment to development priorities that might otherwise go unnoticed.

Investors, developers, and brokers use OppSites to Find underexposed development opportunities, and to Follow preferred cities to learn about opportunities before they hit the market. OppSites is like having a personal relationship with every city.

  • Implement community goals
  • Increase revenue and property values
  • Preserve the rights of all property owners
  • Increase government transparency
  • Leverage local assets and investments
  • Gain local knowledge about priorities and incentives
  • Build relationships in new markets
  • Learn about pre-market opportunities
  • Reduce risk and save time and resources

Find development opportunities.

Get development in your city.